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Thread: can we further reduce the size of .flv?

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    Default can we further reduce the size of .flv?


    I am new to this forum but I have a very big problem!
    I have searched almost everything (I guess ) but can't find anything relevant.

    I am working with some videos (.flv) which approx range between 7-11MB of size for a minute and a half duration.

    Itís too big for the server we have...few more videos and it is surely going to crash.

    Is there any way I can further reduce the size of the video without compromising on the quality.

    PS. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
    And exporting my videos directly on .FLV format with Flash 8 Medium Quality (400kbps).

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    Since you're a premiere pro user, i would suggest you upgrade to cs3. In cs3 you can export the movie to adobe media encoder where you can control the bitrate, making it as small as you want.
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