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    Tomarrow in the U.S., I'm going to start the shooting of a short film. Its done by myself about a guy who finds an airgun rifle and takes it outside for shooting practice. During practice one day, he kills a birds. Then he kills himself with it.

    Just the basic outline for it. It shouldn't be more than 4 minutes in length.
    So let me know if you've got any ideas on this storyline. Any ideas will make it better!

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    For me the scenario sounds unlikely...

    What is the backstory? Did he wake up suicidal? is he really depressed? I mean what are the chances if Mr average finds a gun he'll off himself. What? for the hell of it?

    Of course if that is the limitation you place on yourself for artistic reasons, then the trick is to make us the audience believe that might actually happen. Give it a reason to happen.

    Shock value in of itself probably isn't a good enough motive.

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    He's planning on killing himself with an airgun? I think the most you could do with an airgun is leave a red mark on the skin and maybe, just maybe a bruise. Killing yourself with an airgun is stretching the imagination of your audience a bit too far. Why not go into a toy store and buy an imitation gun, but beware, do not take it out in public, as someone may call the police.

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