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    ok, i went to the drag races and got an awsome up close spot in the pits, but the only problem is that i recorded in night vision mode. is there any way to reverse it in vegas and bring it back to normal? thanks

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    It will totally depend on how much digital information has been recorded. If it is TOO dark then no. But often I have "improved" much of my footage by applying my normal amount of Colour Correction SATURATION or GAMMA or Colour Curves or Levels.

    It will all depend on just how dark it is - yeah? It will be a balance between GAIN and GRAIN.

    Post a sample here and I'll have a go at it.


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    well it was during the bright day, so it is alot of white with little bit of green. what do u want, a still pic or video?

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    Still will be fine.


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    <img src="" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"><br><br>

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    Nothing that I can do.



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