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Thread: Problems to find out wich FX was used

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    Default Problems to find out wich FX was used

    Hey guys, I was watching a video on the net and I saw a very nice FX used. I tried to recreate the FX for a few hours now and I don't have a clue what the guy did. The only thing I know is, it was used Sony Vegas 7.0.

    I was woundering if anyone could help me plz, my making a video with a friend and we both like the Fx and we would like to use it.

    Here's the video:

    If anyone can help me on that one (:


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    I cant explain it fully but I can tell you what to use.

    -The Text-
    Media Generators/Text/Solid Background

    When your writing your text your in Edit(in the Video Media Generators Menu). Two tabs the the right it says properties, click it. The text color is white. Pull down the little arrow all the way, is changes the opacity. You should put the bottom layer so you don't get it confused with going blank.

    The effect that the text has is in Video FX/Fight Rays/Low Sensitivity

    -Bottom Layer-
    Media Generators/Noise Texture/Lava

    What you drag that in a editing box comes up for it that says Video Media Generators. Mess around with the offset X and Y; and the timeline

    I hope that helps

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