Hi all Im just starting out in video editing, I purchased Final Cut Pro Studio and am doing some courses as we speak. I really want to get a decent camcorder as Id like to eventually do some short films and mini adverts. I want the ability to film in HD, I dont know much about all the ins and out but i want to record to mini dv and Im guessing progressive is better than interlace so id rather have 720p ability than 1080i. Id also like to film 24p pal as heard that this is the best rate for film motion. Excuse me if I come across a bit blond Im still learning about everything so if I have completely ballsed up all the technical data please excuse me lol. I have a budget of around 2700 to spend on a camcorder. Is this enough or should I save for a better one. I am a beginner, I will also need to take courses in learning how to use and shoot properly. Your advice and comments would be deeply appreciated