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    Hi, There is a video that i need a small bit from to use for my own non commercial purpose. Is there any software, free if preferable, that is good? I tried a trial of one but it wants to alter the vob files to make a mpeg or i think that's what it demands. I would like it to be i am not experienced in these softwares. thank you Bondi

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    You need a decypt utility if you are wanting to cut a short scene from a commercial dvd program. Do a Google for decrypt downloads. You can also search for the old reliable "dvdshrink" which not only decrypts but compresses to fit a single layer blank disc.

    DVD Fab seems popular as well.

    You may find a visit to of interest.

    As info changing the vob to mpeg2 is normal to ripping a dvd from its' vog format back to original mpeg2.

    Mpeg2 is the native file format of standard def dvd movies and a lot easier to work with in editing software.
    goodluck - ain't nothin difficult about what you are wanting to do - not legal nor appreciated by the dvd content owner nor the MPAA.

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    for it you can try to use VideoCharge. Is it very easy and powerfull software, no free, but have trial.

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