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Thread: Capturing directly to external HDD bypassing laptop.

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    Default Are the solutions right? Capturing directly to external HDD bypassing laptop.

    Dear groupmates,

    I'd like to check with you whether my surmises about feasible and rightenous topology for regular video-editing are correct.

    There is 1 IEEE1394 port in my laptop.

    Problem: direct capture from DV-CAM to laptop can lead to lost frames and some other problems.

    Solution: capture is to be done from DV-CAM to the external HDD via IEEE 1394/i.Link

    Now the question about topology.

    Solution 1:
    1. IEEE 1394 hub with 2-3 ports connected via PCMCIA or IEEE 1394 port to my laptop.
    2. 1 port of a hub to be connected to DV-CAM.
    3. 1 another port of a hub to be connected to the external HDD.
    4. since IEEE 1394 is peer-to-peer - all data will pass by laptop and be sent directly from DV-CAM to the external HDD.

    In other words:
    LAPTOP ---- ( i.Link ) --------|
    .......................................... |
    DVCAM ---- ( i.Link ) ------ IEEE 1394 HUB ------- (i.Link ) ---- Ext. HDD

    Solution 2 (daisy chain)

    DVCAM ---- ( i.Link ) -------- Ext. HDD --------- (i.Link ) ------- LAPTOP

    The problem is to have a HDD suite with 2 i.Link ports.

    Are both solution basically equal? Are they right at all? Will it work this way?

    I'd appreciate your responses, since I'm somewhat baffled and lost.

    Kind regards,
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