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    Question .BOC extension

    I am using Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus. Before my computer crashed, I could play all DVD's burned from the PS program on any one of the 5 or 6 players I had on my computer. Since the crash, I have obviously reloaded all my programs.
    Now, I have only one player which will play the DVD's made with Pinnacle and that is Nero which I do not like at all. With the other players, I am getting a message that says it does not support a .boc extension. I did not have Nero before the crash and have installed it since I reloaded my programs. Could this program prevent the other players from working? DVD's play fine on a standard DVD player.
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    I had an on line chat session with Pinnacle. She told me to delete auxillary files for this project, reboot, then when I go into make "movie mode" under settings to select "always reencode disc" which I did. I burned a DVD, now it is a .bup extension and I am getting the same message as before.

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