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Thread: My New Comedy Video "Damn you Aaron Tracy"

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    Smile My New Comedy Video "Damn you Aaron Tracy"

    hope it makes u guyz laugh, im into the goofy type of comedy, enjoy!!

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    Sorry - cant get past the first few mins.

    The very poor camera work and lighting makes this very hard to watch.

    The camera just sort of aimlessly pans around and zooms in and out of the poorly lit scenes doing a very poor job of framing the action and directing my attention . Almost every shot has the cam way above the actors so all we see is thge top of thier heads.

    You need to pay much more attention to cinematography and storyboarding.

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    I think in terms of the jokes you are pulling... they're actually pretty good, well done for coming up with that many. Maybe you could have split this into two seperate films, as the 'stories' are all non-related, so you could always make more shorter films. When you're talking about getting views on the internet, especially youtube, the shorter the film, the more likely someone is going to watch it, watch it through to the end, and then post a comment.

    Iterating Mark, while you seem to have scripted it out, just think about where the camera is pointing. Perhaps do multiple angles of the same conversation, so that you can cut between them on the final film, giving the viewer a different perspective view of the event every 5 - 15 seconds. This keeps viewers refreshed and more hooked into the film.

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    The camera work could have been better but i actually loved your writing, i watched it all, some of the jokes proper made me laugh.

    your use of the baseball bat leg thing made me laugh

    keep up the good work!

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    thnx everyone for the feedback, thnx british eye films for the suggestions, i never thought about it like that, this video could've been broken into alot smaller videos, and im glad u enjoyed it ziggy, u right mark, im gunna improve my lighting and camera skills so it hooks the viewer, thnx again

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