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    Default OK nearly narrowed down Canon MD235 Digital MiniDV Camcorder (37x Optical Zoom With 2.7" Widescreen Colour LCD): Electronics & Photo

    camera i think i am going to buy, people seem to say good things about canon, seems a nice camera, im only a beginner so it seems perfect for me

    i have 2 questions tho that i cant seem to figure out hopefully somone will be able to answe

    DV IN, i cant find it anywhere on the spec, apparently its important, the camera says it has firewire and DV outputs, i dont really get what DV IN is, please someone clarify and tellme whether this camera has it, or i need it


    the lens has a huge zoom on it, and im thinking maybe that lens isnt right for me or i want to change it, can i change the lenses on this type of camera and are they readily available or is lens changing only on the higher end cameras..

    help is greatly appreciated

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    The ability to change lenses is normally only available on the higher end cameras and, if you have a decent zoom, is relatively unneccesary, especially as additional lenses are very expensive.

    DV in means that you can use your camcorder as a miniDV video recorder. In other words you video something, play the video onto your computer, edit it and then use your camcorder to record the result on miniDV. For most consumer applications this is not essential as, the chances are, that you'll record your edited masterpiece to DVD anyway.

    Like I said before, the main thing your camcorder should have is the ability to control the focus and exposure manually, an audio-in (for external microphones) and a headphone socket.


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