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Thread: Trying to find the default setting for video overlay

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    Default Trying to find the default setting for video overlay

    I am having a tough time with my video overlay which I was using as an extra channel for editing.

    I was dicking around with the track motion feature and / or the position feature which now does not allow me to see anything (cut video) on that video layer.

    Arrgh so frustrating. So close to finishing.

    If looking at the screen layers you see a horizontal line under the video on that layer.

    I would love to just get back to the default settings on that layer. I just want to see the video I cut.

    Any suggestions would be grand.

    I am on Vegas 8, Windows Vista 32

    pulling my hair out...

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    It's a bit tricky to understand what's going on here - not helped by you using terminology which is not in the Vegas repertoire. We have to try to guess what you mean by the "position" feature, "layer", "screen layer" and consequently "video on that layer".

    It would also be useful if you could post an image of (a) the whole screen showing the timeline with the cursor over a part of the disappearing video event (b) the track motion dialog for the track that is giving your grief.

    My solution is based on the following assumptions::
    "Position" - Pan and Crop
    "layer" - track
    "screen layers" - timeline
    "video on that layer" - events on a track on the timeline

    1. Eliminate Pan and crop. Click the pan and crop icon on each event (the square icon at the far right of each event) to bring up the pand and crop dialog window. Click the "First Keyframe" icon under the timeline in the dialog window. (If you can't see a P&C timeline hover your cursor near the bottom of the window until it changes to a double headed arrow then drag up). Select "Default" from the presets drop down at the top of the window. This ensures the first frame of the window has the default settings. Now delete any other keyframe markers (select and press "delete".

    2. Eliminate Track Motion. If you have applied Track motion, there will be a number of diamonds in the line under the video events on the track. You can either select each one and delete them or (probably easier) Open the track motion window and delete the keyframe markers from there. Again move to the first keyframe and select "default"

    3. Eliminate Track Motion (Alternate Mix). Select all events on the track giving you trouble. Create a new video track. Paste the events onto that track. Track Motion keyframes will not be copied.

    Other possibilities: Check for any effects on the events and/or track.
    Check the composite level of the track (the slider labelled "Level" on the track header)
    Check if you've applied a composite level envelope to the track
    Check the opacity of the events on the track (hover towards the top of a track which does work and you'll see an opacity = 100% appear - you can drag this down to reduce it.

    Probably other things as well, but give these a try and dget back to us. If you don't fix it - please try to post images.

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    [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Jordan/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG]First off, Thank you so much for the reply. Sorry about the correct lexicon.

    You are correct on assessment.

    I believe the issue is *2 eliminate the track motion.
    I have tried deleting the diamonds, but the one in the beginning, when I right click it, the delete feature is not available.

    Any other suggestions? here is a screen grab. I have two arrows on the grab, one is the diamonds which are posing an issue and the other is the layer of track video I am unable to see.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I have also tried to create a new video layer which also does not seem to want to work, is there a secret to that too?

    I was right clicking on each layer and using the drop down from the insert, but adding a new video layer does not seem highlighted.

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    Ok I think I got it. I opened up the track marking window and the default on each layer of the track motion instead of doing from within the timeline.

    Thank you so much!!!!


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    A picture is worth a thousand words......
    I see you're using Vegas MOVIE STUDIO PLATINUM - this is why you can't add any more tracks (it's very important when requesting help to be as precise as possible about the software - specifying Vegas 8 here, most people assume Vegas Pro. This is historical because until version 8 the "pro" version was simply called Vegas)
    I'm assuming from your later post you fixed it by opening up the Track Motion window (by clicking on the track motion icon on the track header), clicking on the first keyframe marker and resetting to "Default".

    Delighted to have been able to assist. Please persevere with learning the Vegas terminology as it will really help you with assistance in the future. case you haven't....Download the manual, make use of the online help and do run through the tutorials (in help). Unlike much software, the documentation with Vegas is pretty good.

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