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Thread: going rate for holiday and wedding video editing?

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    Default going rate for holiday and wedding video editing?

    Hi - I'm aiming to set myself up as a video editor and to begin with I'm going for the domestic market, offering a service where I edit holiday and wedding films for people. I have just completed my first voluntary project, editing the film of a couple's holiday in Africa. I have other potential clients lined up and intend to charge from now on but I'd like some advice on how much to charge them! Can anyone give me their thoughts on what seems like a reasonable rate? Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Can anyone give me their thoughts on what seems like a reasonable rate? Many thanks!
    A combination of how much you value you own time, how much people are prepared to pay, the prices of others providing the same product, and how good you are in comparison.

    Start with costing on a time basis. Give yourself an hourly rate and price jobs based on how long you estimate the job to take. Then add on other overheads: depreciation of your editing equipment, blank DVDs, licencing etc.

    When quoting, always ask how many hours of video they have, and how long the expected output should be. Once you view the source video, re-assess your price - you may find there is a lot of post production colour correction for example.

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    You have to look at each job as an overall package, not just how much the editing is going to cost. Will the client deliver the tapes/discs themselves or will you have to go and pick them up? Time spent watching and transferring video to your computer, what if you have dvd discs and they are awkward to transfer and you end up spending twice as long doing that compared to tape?

    How much actual editing has to be done, not just in cutting out dodgy shots, but re-arranging them, colour correction, working on the audio track, transitions, music, copyright clearance and then running off copies. Will you just put the finished disc into a plain dvd case or paper dvd envelope, that's what I give clients now who only want less than ten copies as I found them cheaper than plastic dvd cases. Again, create an overall package from beginning to end and write down a cost for everything.

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    I can edit faster than a speeding bullet and after 6 years doing little more than eating sleeping and film making I price my time at 25 quid an hour and if anyone quibbles I walk away.

    Every job I have done, and that isnt many, has ended up being far more hassle and taken more time than i quoted for. Considor that too.

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