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    Default Text Drop Shadow

    So, is there a way to change the color of the text drop shadow or no? I see in the default styles, there are different colors available for some - but I find no way to change it.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default (never mind)

    It appears you just can't do that with PE3. Seemed such a simple function too. Ah well.

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    I'm using Premier pro 2. In the titler, everytime you add text there is an option you can check called 'Shadow'. Check it so you can open it up and you find a colour picker for your shadow. See if it works the same in PE3

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    Thanks for responding. In elements 2 there is 'drop shadow' for text that you tick or untick, and the options for changing it include angle, distance and softness. No color option though. Ah well.

    I was looking to duplicate (roughly) old-school looking computer text (that greenish DOS stuff), with a glow behind it that I thought I'd do with drop shadow significantly blurred. At this point I haven't found a work around that is worth the time, as I'm displaying the lyrics to a song (karaoke-ish). I'll figure something out.

    thanks again,

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