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Thread: Confused Newbie needs help!

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    Question Confused Newbie needs help!

    OK... I've read until my eyes are bleeding and can't determine the best way to handle this requirement...

    Situation: I have two high-speed video segments of a golf swing in .mov format. Same frame rate...same everything but recording date. (yes, they're from a Casio EX-F1)

    Desired Outcome: I'd like to create a DVD that shows the two "sync'd" in a split-screen display for my son's golf coach.

    I want to sync the two using the "impact" frame as the locking point so I can compare a player's tempo before and after a swing change.

    What tools do I need to do this efficiently? Any suggestions about process?


    Jim (aka bambam66)

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    Download a trial version of either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Elements, I know Elements better so I'll go with that one. As the files are in an easy to use .mov video format you need to import is it one or both of them into Adobe and put them on the timeline at the bottom of the screen. If it is one clip you will need to split them and create a second video track, it doesn't matter which one goes on top or bottom as they are both sharing 50% of the screen.

    For you to view both video tracks you need to rescale each clip so it only takes up 50% of the screen and on the preview window click and drag one clip to the left of the screen and the other clip to the right of the screen. If the clips have sound then open the audio track, underneath the video tracks and look for a peak in the audio graph showing where the ball has been hit. This sound will be recorded in both video clips if the camcorder was near enough to pick it up.

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    Adobe Premiere.


    Video Editing Direct

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