Since upgrading to XP SP3 the other day (via Windows Update) I cannot capture HD from my FX7 with Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus! I know people slate Pinnacle prods but this does me for basic capture and editing... at least it did until I upgraded.

Previously I got an .m2v file and two separate sound files upon capture, Studio showing the main files as 1440x1080 @ 25 fps. Now it fails to capture data, creates an empty file of type .avi of 720x480 @ 29.97 fps!

Had a look at Pinnacle Supprt (more fool me) and a few other places but nothing obvious comes to light. Except of course Pinnacle indicating there have been no 'real' issues with the release of SP3.

Anyone else had the same type of problems? Anyone got any bright ideas other than roll-back to SP2 (which is looking very likely at the moment!)