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Thread: Wedding video needs crying baby edited. help!

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    Default Wedding video needs crying baby edited. help!

    Hello everyone. Im new here so Ill start by saying hello!
    Last week I got married. My dad took a rolling video of it but unfortuately our 9 month old child decided to cry right through the registry office ceramony. Whilst im not that worried about it, I thought it would be nice to see if I could try and edit out the crying as its quite loud- can you edit out some frequencies or something?.If I was to copy it to my hdd etc from the digital cam? Im am sure there must be some software I could download or similar to try. Does anyone know if there is something I could use. I dont want to buy anything but perhaps a trial of something would suffice? Any help would be very much appriciated.

    Let me know.

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    It is possible to remove or minimize certain sounds/freqs from pre-recorded audio. It takes a bit of skill and experience and the right audio software tools.

    For example, I watched a professional studio guy carefully remove every spec of crowd noise from a live performance and then add in a choir to the background track of the performers. It took him quite a while and it is painstaking work. He was using a high end multi-media Mac and Digicom ProTools and he was very, very experienced.

    I was able to do some freq minimizing playing around with software called Cakewalk.

    I would save a bit of cash and call around to professional recording studios and get rates for maybe an hour or three of studio mixing time. I imagine your vows only last a few minutes and a really experienced engineer can probably use ProTools at hand speeds faster than your eye can follow and have a good bit of your crying baby removed or very much diminished plus boosting your voices and running it all through filters and compression and give you an much improved track. Be sure he has the original tape/track to work from.

    I would think 50 pounds per hour or so would get you a decent sound engineer - I recall just a couple of years ago finding studio mixing time at about $100 per hour U.S. and the guy was a wizzzzz.
    BTW - this is why back in the days when I shot several hundred weddings that I always put wireless mic on the groom and why most weddings ban small children - even those of the bride and groom - they just always cry and kick up a fuss at the worst possible moments!!!

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    I use Adobe Audition for my sound editting. you can download a one mongth trial and play with that. It won't be easy but you can see the sound in spectrum form and as long as you can identify the bit you want to lose then you can remove it easily enough. as Jason always says "if you can see it you can remove it".

    If you want to you can post an audio clip somewhere. I'll download it and see if I can do anything with it. I;m no audio export but happy to try for you if you want. If I'm successful with that then I'll do the lot for my usual fee - a couple of bottles of beer.


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