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    Hi All

    Your help would really be appreciated.

    I've got a home camcorder JVC EVERIO GZ-MG36EK - Mainly use it for recordings of family etc

    I'd like to post some youtube videos of me delivering short 3-5 minute training sessions but the sound quality is not too good without an external mic. First question - doesn't look as though there is an external mic facility on my existing camcorder - does anyone know any different? Thanks.

    If I were to purchase another camcorder with an external mic so I could use it for yourtube and maybe when I am delivering seminars at the front of the class - which camcorder would be best? Top quality picture and sound are are must for me.

    Thanks ever so much in advance


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    Top picture and sound quality in a camcorder.

    Try this - Gadgets: Sony Intros CineAlta F23 High-End HD Camera for Pro Filmmakers

    About 70,000 - how unhelpfull but true is that?

    Ask questions like this and you may get 5 answers - all likely to be different.

    My advice is get something that records on to tape that you like the handling qualities of.

    Performance costs. Spend more get more. But if it is only for you tube just get a 100 quid s/h cam off e bay. Why do you need 'best' quality?

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