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Thread: Editing question for Final Cut Studio 5 (or any other FCPs)

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    I have a question about something here, see if someone can answer for me. Now, I have seen this done before, a couple of years ago someone showed me in film school, but I don't remember, because from 04 till now I haven't edited with FCP. Now, I finally own a copy and the one thing I wanna do, I can't figure out. Here it goes.

    I want to take an existing music video and shoot video of myself playing the song and then layer myself in the original video. I have seen this done before. I know how to import the original video and shoot the parts, just need to know how to put my video parts in the original video. Now, I am not saying, shoot video and cut what I shot into the video, thats easy, and I wouldn't be here. I want to cut out my body from what I shot and put it over the original video.

    If anyone can help, please email me @ Subject Line: "Editing Help"

    I am not on a computer that often, though I check my mail from my mobile all the time.

    And in return for your help you will definitely get in the credits of this video.

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    You need to shoot the footage of you with a green screen b ground (usually) and them use chromakey to make the b ground transparent.

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    And use masks to place yourself say behind the drums if it is the drums you want to play. You will actually be in front of them but the mask will make the bottom part of your body transparent and so give the illusion the drums are in front of you.

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