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    Default Casting Advice Needed

    Hi I am part of a small group who have embarked on making an independent low budget film. All involved are working for free including actors.

    While we have had some success auditioning actors so far we have mainly been only able to cast female roles.

    We advertised in the local press and on the Starnow website and while we have had a lot of interest mainly from London, although we made it clear we are based in Hampshire guys don't seem to want to travel to audition.

    Having used up the obvious sources of advertising, I was hoping for advice on contacting actors in the area. Have tried to contact local theatrical groups but the messages don't seem to filter down to the actual actors. We know this as we have been contacted via adverts in local press by members of said groups who had no knowledge of our production.

    Any advice help will be greatly appreciated.:

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    I've placed ads in the Classified section of local newspapers (small, cheap ad) in the past and got lots of people phoning or texting wanting to either act or work behind the camera. It seemed to work very well.

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    Some amateur theatrical directors and producers have a fear that their prime perfomers will be seduced away and tend to protect them like a lioness with her cubs. It might be worth going along to the group's rehearsals, speaking to the director and then having a short word with the actors present, showing them a clip of a previous production you've made.

    In the same way you'll find a wealth of talent at your local video-making society but, in the same way, you'll find that the "senior" members can get a bit shirty if they think that you're poaching their club's talent. Bring along a DVD of stuff you've done and leave it with them to show that you're not just another talker.

    You tend to find an "I'm the only gay in the village" mentality with amateur clubs. The resident "experts" get a bit put-out if someone comes along who is actually doing a project, as opposed to just talking about a project. Once you start working with talent you have to use tact and diplomacy, so get used to it by dealing with huffy directors and producers.

    Your local college of higher education or university will have notice boards, I suggest getting in quick so that your notices are up in time for the new semester start.

    If this is your first project then you'll have loads of problems. There are dozens (yup, literally dozens) of people who underestimate the work involved in producing a decent video but think "it can't be that difficult". They start off, bushy tailed and bright eyed, recruit talent, do a bit of filming and... the project tails off, or ends up as a tacky, amateurish short on Youtube. This happens a lot and the amateur theatre companies, and the film-making societies, know this. You must be able to show them examples of what you've already made.

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    Default two Asian youth actors

    Hi i need a bit of casting advice. I am directing a very short film involving two young characters. I dont know where to find them from. I have already found one from a local youth theatre. I need another one too, but there aren't any in the youth theatre. I dont want to make things complicating in the casting process because i will be doing this in two weeks time and I am going on holiday in a week's time. Any advice????????


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    post on - always alot of people on there.

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    We use and well worth the effort.

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