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Thread: Splitting large mpegs WITHOUT re-encoding.

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    Talking Splitting large mpegs WITHOUT re-encoding.

    Hi guys,

    Ive been splitting recoreded video files for a while now using Boilsoft's video splitter program (very basic but does the job). I've run into a problem where is wont let me split (will import but the time shows as 0) mpegs that are over 10 hrs in length. I really want to just slice them in 2 parts so I can re-import them back into the program.

    To anyones knowledge is there a product out there that will split over that length of time WITHOUT re-encoding?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Smile channel splitting

    can you help me with some tech help,?
    i play guitar, chords and lead, but i would like to make my own videos with me playing chords at one side and on the other playing lead in the video, is this called channel splitting? and if so can you direct me to any web sites that has tutorials on this, any help would be much appreciated.....

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    try to use VideoCharge.

    Add MPEG files.
    Select output mode as Without+recompress and split!

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