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Thread: Creating non-HD?

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    Default Creating non-HD?

    Ok, I have the HDR-SR11 Sony. I wanted the High Definition camera because eventually I will get an HD TV (this year or early next)....

    However in the mean time, I want to be able to edit and burn CD's at the standard definition as my kids do not have HD TV's either.

    So, my question is how do I take video at HD resolution, then edit and then burn to CD? Is it more a camera function or camera/software combination?

    I want to film in HD so I can save it for later use.

    As you can tell, I'm very green at this......



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    I presume you mean DVD rather than CD (see note)
    No problem.
    You can either convert your clips to SD and edit in SD - this will be less taxing on your system but means when you come to to an HD version you'll have to start over again - or you can work entirely in HD, and when you come to "render" (File | Render as) you can choose what format to render as. Obviously you can render both a high and standard definition version.

    (note: Actually Vegas will let you create a VCD (video CD) version, but I'm sure this isn't what you meant.

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