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Thread: The best video editing software

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    So what on earth is the app?

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    I know this is a really old thread, but for students, I don't think anything can touch the whole of Adobe Creative Suite for £500. That's Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, everything. Normally £2300.

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    Hi Guys

    New to all this Im lookin for some editing software but also Im having problems with my camcorder bear with me. The video I have recorded records in chapters, when I play it back it plays like a film all at once however, when I copied my video on to disc it recorded ok but when i recorded a minute of play ie one chapter it paused to then go to the next chapter why doesn't it play like a film or straight from the camcorder. My camcorder is a JVC GZ-HM650 any suggetions would be much appreciated but please just talk like a 2 year old as im a technophob!!
    Thanks guys

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    hi I am interested in video editing, but I dont know where to begin, mainly I want to prepare some clips, promo videos or trailers with my own recorded videos or video parts from different resources and sometimes mix them with sound and some text. Which software is most suitable for this purpose and is there any tutorial sources for vide editings. thanks in advance...

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    thank you a lot I will try that program If i will stuck i will ask again thank you...

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    hello ..Sixpin
    Adove premiere pro cs 5.5 crossgrade
    Sony vegas
    Avid studio.
    These all are best video editing spgtware.

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    Some of the suggested software is very powerful (in the right hands and with lots of experience) . . .however, most folks just want to get on a watch their, rather quickly.
    Vegas is a Pro software from Sony and MovieStudio the cut-down version. Currently v12 is on 30-day Trial but can be bought for about £50 as Production Suite - this has lots of support here and elsewhere.
    Adobe's After Effects is a very powerful commercial prog, but you have to buy into a lot of expensive software to use it.
    I think OP needs to spend more of that Budget on the PC as this will have a huge effect on the speed of operation (although not the features, of course). A faster processor, better Graphics card and More RAM are always useful, whatever the software.

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    vegas is good but i always recommend everyone adobe software as its available of customer service is very good. You can easily access the software and get help on any topic by just browsing it
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