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Thread: A really urgent metter

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    Default A really urgent metter

    Well its my first post here..
    before describing the problem i must say ive searched like 5 pages in google ..
    I didnt find any solutions..
    Well Ive purchased GrabBeeX Light recording kit and well.. I have windows xP sp3
    , and that is not letting me install the driver, giving me the error msg > Please Update Your System To Sp2 .
    Ive been in their web and didnt find any solutions.. everything was just the same with the same error..
    I really dont know what to do since ive promised ill do it till the finish of this week.
    Id really appriciate your help!

    USB 2820 Device is needed for the recording!
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    I was going to download and install that service pack 3 for xp aswell but after reading negative reviews about it, I decided to stick with service pack 2 instead. If you can't get your equipment to work, then you may have the only option of uninstalling sp3 and reinstalling sp2, which is still available to download. Do you have Windows XP on cd or on a disc partition? I would reinstall the main operating system first, then service pack 2 and see if that fixes the problem. Just remember to copy all your important files off the computer first and onto either an external hard disk or blank cd's or dvd's.

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