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Thread: Help Required Capturing DVD footage

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    Default Help Required Capturing DVD footage

    I do a lot of video editing using Adobe Premiere 2.0 in conjunction with a Matrox Capture card to put together promotional videos for the events that I run.

    You can see a few example at YouTube - seanharry's Channel

    The events I run are based around genre TV shows, so I use a lot of footage captured from DVD's to create promotional videos for the celebrity guests at the event.

    I never had an issues, but recently found that I cannot capture images from certain DVD's. The image turns grey.

    I dug out an old Panasonic DVD play that I bought exactly 10 years ago that doesn't work properly anymore. It makes a wheezing noise when a DVD is put in, and can only play a DVD for about 10 minutes before spitring it out.

    But I dececided to try attaching this DVD player to my matrox card for capturing for one reason: I remember purchasing this one because it was region free (and region free wasn't easy to get in 199, but I remember when I got it reading in the notes that as well as the region coding, another feature of this player had been disabled; the copy protection stopping you from using it to copy DVD's to video. This was done, they claimed, because the copy protection affected some projectors, and not to encourage piracy. I laughed at this and it audatiousness.

    Well, lo and behold, the DVD's that couldn't capture using my other players were fine with this. So I assume it is something to do with copy protection.

    I'm not looking to pirate and sell peoples copyrighted material; I'm looking to finish off verious edits for promotion.

    Can anybody recomend either a DVD player that will work for me, or a way around this problem.

    Many thanks.

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    Assuming you have the relevant copyright permission granted, you will need to decrypt the VOB files on the DVD to enable you to edit them. There are a plethora of different software than can do this and convert into an editable format. You can clips in batches if you don't need the entire DVD ripped.

    As an example, try DVDx

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