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Thread: Need Urgent help with Easycap DC60

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    Exclamation Need Urgent help with Easycap DC60

    Hi guys, needs some urgent help with Easycap DC60.

    I have installed all the drivers, Ulead software and it all recognises fine.

    My problem is i cant choose a Video Input to capture, im trying to record my playstation3 btw. I can choose the 'USB Audio Interface' for the audio input, but cant choose the Video Input. What gives?
    I have all the Composite video plugs, plugged in properly, yellow to yellow, red to red and white to white.

    How come i cant choose my video input?

    Oh and btw i live in Australia and i believe we use PAL.

    I have selected for 'Video sources' PAL/ BDGHI' and 'Composite Video' for the capture properties
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