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Thread: battery for you camcorder and camera

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    Thumbs up battery for you camcorder and camera

    cheap battery foy you video camcorder and camera you can visit here :

    Camcorder Battery - Buy Brand New digital camcorder Batteries Online UK Retailer!

    Canon EOS 450D Digital Camera Battery Capacity:950mAh price ; 8.68

    BN-VF707 (BNVF707) Camcorder Battery
    Capacity:800mAh Li-ion 16.35

    BP-945 (BP945) Camcorder Battery

    Lithium Ion Battery Pack Capacity:6600mAh 17.76

    you can see more camcorder battery pack best value for money

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    What is your relationship to:

    Battery:Laptop Battery,Camcorder Digital Camera Battery
    *Laptop Battery*,External laptop battery(power charger plug)
    Camcorder battery|Camcorder battery charger, Digital camera battery| Digital camera battery charger, Car adapter
    cheap Laptop batteries|discount Camcorder batteries|digital camera rechargeable battery|Multi chargers|Cell phone batteries|PDA batteries

    and 420 other websites with the same contact telephone number (02081337743). Can I assume that you are a reseller for espow? Given that your shopping cart also goes to exactly the same address as all of the others? Nothing against this, but just want to know where ny batteries will be coming from... and who I would have to contact in the event of returns etc. And more importantly, could I get a better deal if I went straight to the supplier?

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    Please note that the website to which you are redirected for payment appears on this list as of the date of this posting: TRUSTe - Make Privacy Your Choice

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    Dear Marc Peters
    Thanks for being interested in the website Batteries World Sell Laptop Battery Camcorder Battery Camera Battery and More ...

    the website is for the espow and i am work for the espow company .

    the battery is come from factory ,if you want to return battery ,just click contact us our costomer service is pleasure to help you .

    and we are the battery supplier ,I think ,it is the best price to shoping online .

    Don't worry about the payment ,you can pay with paypal worldpay .


    pandon hulu
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