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Thread: Waht sound equipment do I need?

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    Default Waht sound equipment do I need?

    I have agreed to do the videography for my friends wedding. I have never done this before and am as nervouse as shit, but also excited at the whole idea of it. So besides all the other stuff that I will need to know, what sound equipment do I need to do the wediing video?

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    Default Good Audio Editing Program


    There are obviously tons of audio editing tools out there and they are all good for different things. The best are Pro Tools and Logic Studio. These are Expensive though so if your not gonna be editing much thank dont waste your money. These are also programs made for pros not amaturers. Garageband can be very useful in fact. But if you are going to use a PC you can get sony ACID or sonys great Cinescore which is better quality than ACID. Really ther are a ton of programs. I recomend ACID or Garageband probably because their cheap and they are good and simple to use. Yet if you ave a good video editing program like Sony Vegas 8 or something then usually their is a decent audio editor all in its self.

    Equipment can get costly if your gonna make your own music but u should probably only need a couple of songs maybe that your friend likes or that fit with the movie. You wont need much unlsee u r gonna record it. THen you need a good mic a keyboard midi cord headphones etc. So I would just stick with getting a program and then adding music by other artists into it.

    For more on Pro Tools and Logic go to my blog. Subscribe!:Pro Recording Necesities: Pro Tools or Logic?
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