HI everyone,
My camecoder is SONY DCR-SR100 (NTSC) and it records movies in MPG2 format.
Recently i was trying to build some DVDs in PAL system. I was trying to use for it ULEAD Video studio 11 (which could be enough for me) but the problem was taht after i burned my dvd there are BLACK GAPS between movie clips.
So i decided to join my all clips into the one MPEG2 file using Adobe Premiere CS3.
Then i rendered it to another MPEG2 file (but in PAL system). I hag few problems with it:
1) after i render the video my actual screen is smaller the oryginal one - there is black fram outside of the screen. ( resolution is the same) - I had to crop it and scale to fit.
2) THe quality of the output is worst then the source even if the size of output is 3 times bigger then the source.

Is there any one who can help me to set up rendering option to get the same quality of the output as the source video?

Another problem with AP CS 3 - after i import all the clips to AP, at the and of each and every clip there is like 1 second of"red frames".
Is there any way to trim it - but not one by one - lets say tha i woudl like to trim the last second of every clip at once.

I would appreciate any help