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    I was wondering if anyone could offer any help?

    I shot a casting session today on my Sony Z1 for a film that I am working on, the guy I am working with wanted the footage on VHS so that he could have it to take away with him for review, I did this by outputting through the audio/video port on the camera, and into the back of the VCR combi. In addition to this I was also recording in HDV onto mini dv as a backup, should we need it later.

    One audition into the casting session I discovered that the VCR wasn't working, so I continued to shoot onto mini dv tape which was working fine. When we got back I copied the footage off the camera onto VHS using my VCR as the earlier attempt didn't work.

    I've now just captured the footage as HDV into an Adobe PP CS3 project and I've found some issues, Approx 1 min 30 sec into the tape something moves accross the top of the image, this lasts about 2 seconds, it looks to be some sort of image or type of ghosting, but it's not on the whole of the screen, then later on in the tape there is digital breakdown and both the video and sound cut out for 1 sec, and then there is something which sounds like the mic is been rubbed/touched at one point, (I went off internal), which I am sure can't of been me or anyone else.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could have caused these problems? Could the ghosting have been from the VCR? I know it could be hard to say without seeing the footage, I was using a new mini dv tape and my Z1 has just come back from repair recently, I'm going to shoot some test footage to see if it's a problem with the camera or the tape.

    Many Thanks

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    You are best advised to post stills of the problem.

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