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Thread: Wedding Video familys wants copy plz help me.

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    Default Wedding Video familys wants copy plz help me.

    I recorded my cousins wedding on one of those little disk and when I got home I realized it has some stuff of my daughter on the same disk. there are 6 chapters on the disk and 2,3,4,5 are chapters of a wedding. I need to put that wedding on a seperate disk and make copies for my family. I downloaded a video edit magic program but it locks up when I try to load the file and I dont know what to do. I want the video to look good but I have never done any of this before and this is a very important thing because I found out at the last second I was in charge of filming it and I wasn't rdy.
    It wont just let me chose the chapters to put on the disk. IDk plz help anyone

    Its a VOB FILE.

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    Download a 30 day trial of Sony Vegas Platinum and see if that will allow you to open up the .vob files and be able to edit them. Did you finalize the disc before you took it out of the camcorder? You will need to do this if you want the computer to 'see' the files when you put the mini dvd disc into your computer. If Sony Vegas Platinum works then post your other questions on the Sony Vegas section of the forum were you will get more answers rather than in this General section, if it doesn't work then post here again.

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