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Thread: Missing Codec Needed?

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    Default Missing Codec Needed?

    Using Premier Pro 2.0 to export a small section of video in AVI format to play on a Laptop. The Laptop's Windows Media Player does not play it, usual C00D1199 Error.

    The main PC plays it on its Windows Media Player, so I assume that its a missing Codec, but which one?

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    What were your output settings? The codec used when creating the video will be the one you need to decode the video. As you encoded the video yourself, you should be able to trace back the one you need. However, you can also use a uytility such as gspot to determine the codec.

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    Thanks Mark, just found out the problem.

    As I used a Memory Stick to copy this AVI file that seemed to be he problem.

    When I burned a DVD with the clips and used that to get these AVI files onto the Laptop all worked fine.

    I did download anotehr Media Player (VCL) and that did find the AVI damaged, thats why I decided to use the DVD to get the stuff across.

    STill dont understand why the Memory Stick caused the problem.

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