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Thread: Video/audio out of sync, frames gone after rendering

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    Default Video/audio out of sync, frames gone after rendering


    I'm dragging a clip from a mpeg file that is perfectly in sync into the sequence window, put it into tracks, and guess what: video and audio become out of sync after rendering (about 0.2 sec).
    I know I can fix the issue afterwards by moving the audio part, but I'm not sure it's the expected way of working. There must be something wrong.

    I also experience sometimes some short series of frames beeing repeated (e.g. 10 of them) after rendering, or sometimes frames beeing cut, but the samples in the audio track at good (that might explain my out of sync problem above). In any case, it doesn't look too good for a rendering process.

    And the preview is so bad, I can't even check if it comes from before or after the rendering, although I have a P4-2.6Ghz, 1 GB ram. Should be suffiscient, right?

    Did someone meet these issues before?


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    One option would be to convert to a less lossy format before editing (say, DV)
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