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Thread: MUSIC VIDEO FOR MOBY, shooted with a dvx100 !

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    Default MUSIC VIDEO FOR MOBY, shooted with a dvx100 !

    Please just have a look on my last music video :

    And please let's a comment directly on the page to tell me honestly what you think about it !



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    The music is awful (Moby should stop repeating stuff from the nineties and innovate more) but the video is very good technically. Well lit and exposed images, nicely edited to the music. An attractive girl, smooth camera movements and a splash of colour. Very minimalist.

    Having said that, you'd only watch it once. It's not exciting nor interesting enough to make you hit the "replay" button. So, whereas I can't find anything horrendously wrong, it falls a bit into the "So what?" bracket. Technically, as I wrote, it is very, very well made, but then so are the "Ocean Finance" adverts. There's nothing there which makes you want to watch it again and again and again. This "repeatability" is what music videos must achieve.

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    Yea - technically that was spot on. What was the tank ? Liked the macro stuff and it all looked lush.

    I cant help thinking it was right video for the wrong song - I kept thinking of something more suzanne vega.

    As suggected above maybe just needs something to make it really stand out.

    BUT - still a very nice piece of work.

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    Like that. nice catchy disco ditty quality video too

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    Thanks a lot for your comments.
    Actually I'm preparing a director's cut. Cause I'd like to perform the last chorus of the film. I would like to improve by working more progress so we feel a rise and a change in the last part of the song.

    This is the contest cut, I didn't have the time to make it on the first version you watched.

    What do you think of that ? Any ideas to improve the editing ?


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    my last music video :
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