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Thread: Can't make a decision to save my life...

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    Default Can't make a decision to save my life...

    Hi guys, here’s the thing. A while ago, I’d more or less decided to buy the Canon HF 100.
    Then I added the cost of a Bluray burner for my desktop, Studio 12 Ultimate and a Bluray player for the 32” HD ready telly. That lot comes to about a grand, which the wife won’t let me spend (wants to save for a new kitchen, sigh).
    Anyway, as my ageing JVC GRDVL 157 (a supposed “near broadcast quality model) has a non functioning eye piece view finder I still need a new camcorder as the LCD screen on the JVC is almost unusable in broad day light.
    I’m considering the el-cheapo Canon FS 100 (as a sort of stop-gap) but am concerned about the performance in less than ideal lighting.
    The question is this, is it any worse than my 7 year old technology JVC (£650 worth then), or have things moved on that much since then.
    Also, there is one feature of the JVC that I tend to use a lot. Whilst filming there is a “snapshot” mode which allows the user to take a still photo on the fly. This is rendered like a freeze frame with sound being un-interrupted. After a few seconds the still fades out and normal recording resumes. Does the Canon FS 100 have anything similar or do you have to stop recording, change modes, take the still and then change back again. My brother in-law had one like this which made the stills option a waste of time (video stills aren’t up to much anyway).
    I had considered one of the “fun-size” Panasonics but I’m hoping the Canon will have better optics even though it has a similar sized sensor.
    Any advice that helps me get off the fence would be very much appreciated (esp. as my hol’s are loomingJ)
    Gene Stevo.

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    Some of my most popular films have been shot on a second gen sony pc4 - noisy, fiddly to use ( tiny) , rubbish lens.

    But cos it is cheap and disposable it goes to risky places and intersting video gets shot. What you do with the camera is more improtant than what the camera is, very generally speaking.

    Having said all that my broad camera buying advice would be ignore ALL the specs ( mostly lies and irrelevancies) - concentrate instead on how it feels to use, I think that is really important.

    Oh yes, and real cameras use tape imho - with a few notable exceptions. I think solid state is the future, but it's not here yet.

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    Default Thanks for the thought food...

    Many thanks for your comments Mark. I'd never realy thought of it like that.
    I suppose as it's mostly used on holiday the Canon FS100 would probably fit the bill. It's cheap, light & compact enough to fit in a belt pouch. Maybe I'm getting nearer a buying decision than I think...I think.
    Perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about the low light performance as my indoor shooting is usually in bars so the content would be more important than the quality .
    Thanks again for your input, very helpful indeed.
    Gene Stevo.

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    Low light capabilities of camcorders is just something sales staff are told to push when you go into a store. If you want good looking images then you will need extra lights in a room (turn them all on, add more powerful bulbs and if doing close ups of people then use reflectors held just to one side to fill in the shadows) or wherever it is. Also, if you are in a room with windows in it, sit with your back to them and shoot into the room rather than shooting people against the window as they will be in darkness.

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    Thanks for the tips. All help very much apreciated.
    Gene Stevo

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