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Thread: music for my movies...

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    Default music for my movies...

    Anyone know of a good website with instrumental music for movies like music that sets the mood and stuff... I know about but is there any other sites?

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    There is, of course, the sponsor of our current video contest (

    Or try googling these keywords:
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    Default places to get mood music or royalty free music

    There is a wealth of royalty free music sites online that deliver this type of music. Our site supplies high quality music and also gives an easy to use platform to search and download music.

    The license is simple and avoids any hassle for using music, its royalty free status means that its ideal for video production and student films etc. The low prices also make the music accesible.


    Also you want to to look on google. There are tons of rfm sites and the choice is staggering, from cheap jazzy vibes to the downright bizzarre!

    you could try these

    Also you may want to look at creating your own with new music software such as garageband that delivers good results fast, although creating atmosphere with music is quite an artform.

    Getting a student from a music college on board may also reap rewards especially if you have repeat business and projects. Having a composer on your team even as a freelancer is always a good idea for video production as a whole.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi.. i'm a composer that puts my solo piano music on my blog and its available for use for free.

    It's at Ghost Notes.

    Feel free to use it for whatever you wish as long as your project is non-commercial and you list me as a source.

    If you like my stuff and If you need some customized music for one of your projects let me know.


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    Default Become a composer


    I have checked your blog but the mp3 files do not seem to work. However you may be interested in this page

    We are always seeking new music


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    the mp3 files download ok here, and they work fine.
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    Default Re: Become a composer

    Quote Originally Posted by Stevie B

    I have checked your blog but the mp3 files do not seem to work. However you may be interested in this page'd=6

    We are always seeking new music


    The mp3's should work.. I just checked them. Give your browser a few seconds to load them.

    I went over to the website that you listed... but it's not a FREE site.. it requires people to pay for music.. and thats not what I'm all about. I offer my music for free. And I'm not looking for a kickback.

    All of my music on my blog, including any music to come, is Free of use. No Royalties, no nothing.. unless you plan on using it for commecial projects.. then I require that you get my approval on a case by case basis.

    I also have music that I haven't posted that is available if someone wants to use it.

    I also enjoy doing FREE collaboration. Just ask.

    Ghost Notes

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    Hooray for free things!

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    I second that. Nice website - and much of the piano music is really sweet. I think a lot of video-people will make good use of it.

    Thanks for the post.

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    No money? No problem!
    17 royalty free songs, along with other useful resources for low/no-budget videomakers can be downloaded from Peter John Ross' website - Just download the tracks, send him an email requesting his approval, then credit him in the movie, for his music - it's all I had to do. Mike

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