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Thread: Sony Vegas: Audio unsync

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    Default Sony Vegas: Audio unsync

    I'm quite new to Vegas pro (8.0), I've just cut up a dew vids for youtube in it, and that is basically what I use it for.

    My problem is, though, that when I split a video to just get a scene out of it the audio unsyncs. As I said; Im new to it and cant figure it out myself, so I would be very grateful for support with this one!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Need some more info please:

    Where did the source footage come from, your own camera? If so, what file format did you import as (mpeg? avi?) Is the audio synched before you edit?

    I'm not familiar with Vegas, but have had sync problems when using mpegs in premiere. Even avi files have lost audio sync if the camera's audio bitrate doesn't match the projects, etc.

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    What I am trying to do is cut out a scene from a Movie (Not cam-movie). I opened the movie in Vegas with the default settings, knowing that those had worked before.

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    Hey guys,
    i tried something which worked...but i dont know if this is solution for all video formats....
    Unlink the audio layer from video...and delete the audio layer.
    Use any program to extract the audio from the video file - i extracted it as a WAV file.
    import the wav file as the audio layer....
    and render....
    the output was alright...
    but now i am facing another problem! :( Vegas closes without any warnings during rendering....

    hope this was useful....

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