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Thread: recording using NTSC cam

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    Question recording using NTSC cam

    Hi guys, im very new to all this! so i apologize for any silly questions....

    its my first post and i am really stuck and confused!...& am relying on your expertise..

    Whats happened is i live in uk & have brought a NTSC CCD covert camera and need to know if i can still record using my vcr...which is an old one i have lying around?? im using a vcr as i can get hold of 5hr video tapes for recording on..

    i know ur gona say why the hell did i buy a NTSC cam if i live in the uk...(i didt know until it got here in the post)

    im hoping i dont have to buy a pal version as i dont have the time or money..

    Just so you guys have the full story, me and the wife are going on a road trip through europe next week (hence no time/money) and i had planned to connect it in the car as i have an inverter fitted.

    sorry to be a PLUM but i really hope someone can help before the wife kicks me out!!

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    right then i can see there is no solution!?

    would this work if recording to a vcr recorder that plays NTSC and PAL?

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    I'm not very experienced in this area, but perhaps some additional information would help you get an answer to your question?

    Specifically, I don't understand what you mean by "if I can still record using my VCR" - do you plan to run the camera directly into your tv and/or vcr to record directly to VHS tape?

    If so: I would shoot 30 seconds of footage on the camera, then try hooking it up using the cables that (hopefully) came with the cam, and seeing if the resulting VHS taped copy is working. If the video can be piped into the tv and recorded from the TV using the VCR, you just may have a solution.

    Let us know! Hope this helps.

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    sorry im a complete novice to this!

    because the camera is gona be connected in the car....i will be connecting it staright to the vcr then tranfering what i will have on the vhs tape to a computer to view it.

    the problem is, will the vcr when i hit the record button actually record anything i can view...or will it be trying to record in pal from a NTSC ccd camera and then get confused (hence il will end with maybe no viewable recording on the vhs tape)

    i guess your right, il have to just give it ago and see what type of image i end up with if any!...

    if you are still as confused as i am then just let me know if you require any further info to help....really sorry!

    but thanks ALOT for trying to help it is really appreciated!!

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    i brought a converter for fine thanx!

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