Hello there,

I've recently converted from PC to Mac and I'm now using Final Cut Studio 2 to edit. I'm currently making a promotional film for a holiday resort and am experiencing some difficulties using DVD Studio Pro 4 (No doubt due to my lack of experience using the software!). Basically, when I author the DVD and watch it on a TV I lose approximately a third of the image. I used to use Encore and I would lose around a 5th of the image so I would ensure that all text and graphical content would be comfortably within the safety margins and I never had any problems.

With DVD Studio Pro 4 it seems that I have to ignore the safety margins entirely and put all of my graphical content near the centre of the image just to ensure that it remains visible when viewed on a tv. Just to elaborate on this; On the main menu of the DVD I have a background image and a series of buttons (Play, Scene Selection and extra Features). All of the buttons are placed just within the safety margins (According to the markers displayed by DVDSP4) but they are cropped (for lack of better word) when viewed on a TV. As a result I have had to bunch them all in the centre of the image. This means that the menu is now functional but looks terrible.

Is there a way of rectifying this problem? I appreciate that each TV will display the image differently but that's a great big chunk of the image I'm losing! I'm working to a standard Pal widescreen resolution if that makes any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!