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Thread: Wanted: Videographer to film several city buildings.

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    Default Wanted: Videographer to film several city buildings.


    Firstly, i hope that this is in the correct section, if not, please feel free to move it.

    OK, I am looking for someone to do what would be very simple filming of several buildings in a city centre. Each clip would literally be only 20 seconds long.

    The idea is to film say 10 buildings per city centre that i would give the list of.

    I recently did this in Manchester and it took me about 2 hours to do 10 close together buildings and some very simple montage shots so that i can have 10 separate clips and one longer clip to use.

    Could anyone help me in knowing what would be the cost for this to be done by someone?

    The standard of the individual doesnt matter so much as they would be used only in youtube videos. Also, I am probably looking at the top 10 cities in the country for this to be done in, so probably suits individuals from each area.

    I hope that this makes sense and would really appreciate some help from the community about how i would go about hiring someone for this kind of work, as simple as it is.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could I make a suggestion... that you make it easier for us by giving us a clue as to what you're willing to pay and what you expect. For example

    "Wanted: Videographer to shoot 10-20 buildings on a tape, usually less than a days work. Material to be shot on HDV and I'll pay 300 per assignment. Please give me a link to an example of your work."

    That way it saves a lot of fussing about horse-trading.

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    ok, no probs. good point

    I require 10 buildings from major city locations to be recorded on tape, takes about 2-3 hours (including travel between buildings) from experience.

    Material to be shot with average-to-decent video camera as videos will only be used on youtube. Only about 20-30 seconds per building is needed.

    I wil do all post work, Just the raw clips are required.

    Regarding cost, not sure what the going rate is, but have budgeted for 200-250 per location. Would suit beginners or people that have got a few hours spare in their local area. Also people looking to quickly bolster their portfolio maybe.

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    Thanks. Welcome to the forum, sounds fair... good luck!

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    I can do bristol if you need it.
    PM sent.

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    If you're looking for Prague, Czech Republic, I'm willing

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    In prague there are 5 buildings i would want. Could only pay 100, but it would only take an hour to do probably at max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    I can do bristol if you need it.
    PM sent.
    replied. thanks for the offer, mark.

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    If you are looking for any work in the States (sounds like you aren't ) I may be able to assist.

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    i am looking for the states too potentially.

    new york, dallas, chicago are the priorities for now.

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