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Thread: Digital or analog lens flare?

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    Default Digital or analog lens flare?

    Hello everybody, I have a question about the lens flare in this video. Do you think its done with effects on a computer or can they be made with a lens on the camera?

    From 1 minute ->
    YouTube - Kid Rock "All Summer Long" Music Video


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    I would have thought that the lens flare / high contrast would have been captured whilst filming but then enhanced during the post-production phase with a simple filter. So kind of both really!

    Hope this helps.
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    Ah, interesting. Does you or anyone have any links or directions to the forums where they discuss about filming?
    So I will ask there too :P

    I really love this thing :P


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    It looks like the typical effect when shooting on film with anamrphic lenses, and in this case intentional

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    Sweet, so something like this should be it:

    Panasonic AG-LA7200G 16x9 Anamorphic Lens Adapter

    Expensive stuff hehe, thanks for your help.

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