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    Default `need urgent help!!!

    hi everyone. i am new in this forum and quite embarrasingly, need ur help right away.

    i have this video of mine shot which is inverted by 90 degrees. i have tried virtualdub (couldnt find the rotate filter), videorotater (.mpeg file doesnt open with it) and what not.

    i would really appreciate it if someone could rotate it for me maintaining the original quality and aspect ratio. its just a 46 second video in .mp4 format.i can mail the video to you and u can then mail the edited video back to me. pm me ur email id.

    also, if somebody could tell me how to do it in future.

    thanks guys.

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    Sorry you haven't had much luck yet.

    Do this: get yourself a free 30 day trial of a basic software editing package. I'd recommend Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Avid. Each of these will allow you to rotate a clip easily, export it as needed, etc.

    Best of luck!

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    What guitarfaces suggests is probably best, but you might find this free one can do it Screenshot, Review, Downloads of Freeware Free Video Flip And Rotate

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