I have dabbled with video editing software (Adobe Premiere and Studio Pinnacle) several years in the past with fairly mediocre results. I would like to solicit this group's advice for software and hardware to help me with the following situation.

I am an eye surgeon and want to be able to edit surgical video for education and presentations. Our surgical video is captured by an analog single chip Zeiss camera that attaches to a surgical microscope via a C mount. The video travels via coaxial cable to a converter box that exports it via S-video cable to a standard home DVD recorder (Toshiba, I think). The video is recorded onto DVD with files that have .vob extensions. Although these files can be easily viewed on another DVD player, I have difficulty opening them with most computer viewing and editing programs.

Here is what I have tried so far:

On my PC's, I can capture video with Pinnacle Studio (on separate machines, I have versions 10.x and 11), but I find that Pinnacle crashes my computers all the time. On the PC with v. 10.x, I have 3 gigabytes of RAM and Windows XP Pro. On the PC with Pinnacle v. 11, I have only 1 gig of RAM (the maximum for this older machine) and Windows XP Pro.

On my Apple MacBook with Leopard, I have to convert the vob files with a program from Roxio called Popcorn in order to edit with iMovie, but Popcorn seems cumbersome and also tends to crash the computer.

So, what should I do?

Would Adobe Premier (my version is five years old and woefully outdated) work better than Pinnacle Studio? Can it import .vob files from a DVD?

Should I buy a new Mac (rumor has it that Macs are better for video--is it true?) and use Final Cut or Final Cut Pro?

Any suggestions would be welcome.