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Thread: Keygen for sony vegas 7.0e

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    Default Keygen for sony vegas 7.0e

    Can someone guide me to keygen for sony vegas 7.0e. I tried to download from but could not download. I have completely downloaded this software but not able to get serial number and activation code...pliz help me...

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    Follow this link Sony Creative Software - Online Store - Vegas Pro 8 , enter your credit card details and you will be provided with a serial number. Load the software, enter the registration page, register and all will be well

    Alternatively, from the same site you can load the free 30 day trial.

    If you really want to run the previous version, phone Sony up and I'm sure that, in exchange for credit card details, they'll give you appropriate numbers (or give you a serial number for a free trial).

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    I can thoroughly recommend Tim's clear advice. Works every time!

    Once you have completed that process and you need some further assistance, please do not hesitate in coming back here.

    Best regards


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    I will be more blunt. We do not advocate or facilitate software theft.

    End of.

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