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Thread: Lousy picture quality, Vid Ed v7, Noob going wrong

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    Default Lousy picture quality, Vid Ed v7, Noob going wrong


    I've struggled on and finally got an AVI movie shot with a Canon PowerShot A70 edited using Ulead Video Editor version 7, but in "creating the movie" the end result is terrible quality(unclear picture, lots of noise, probably a resolution setting I'm missing or due to the original file).

    Can someone help/tell me (a noob) why and what can I do to make it at least as good as the original please.

    The original specs are:
    Image Size
    Image Quality
    Recording Time 111.7
    Frame Rate 15
    White Balance
    AF Mode
    Single AF
    File Size

    Any help on this would be much appreciated to avoid the same problem in the future.

    Also, is there a software setup that is maybe better for me, for editing such movies/file formats. The camera can go to 640*480 should you recommend using this size in the future and to forget the 320*240 (I've a lot of movies at this size and am just putting together a 1st year of my son's life & wouldn't want to have this problem with editing). By the way, if just joing the AVI's without editing & burning as a VCD, I don't get this quality loss problem.

    Thanks in advance, Liam
    \"I see\", said the blind man.

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    This is a digital still camera? Quality is never going to be anything more than so-so, no matter what you do. However, you say you're happy with the original AVI, so your aim would be to presere as much quality as possible.

    1) What are your output settings in Video Studio?

    2) What is the quality like if you output to something like DV AVI or uncompressed.

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    Hi Marc, thanks for the reply.

    Output settings are:

    PAL (25 fps)
    Field Order A
    Overlay track(s):3
    Microsoft AVI Files
    24 Bits, 720 x 576, 25 fps
    DV Video Encoder -- type 1
    DV Audio -- PAL, 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo

    I can't see anything close to the Canon settings.

    DV-AVI, is this a PAL setting within Video editor?

    I recall the compressed selection not being selected. Properties of the edited clip do show as:

    MJPEG Compressor
    7% compression ratio

    As far as the quality goes without editing, yes I'm happy considering it is a still digital camera with MVI/AVI capability. The problem only arises with films I've not shot and the 'filmer' has captured the floor, the back of someone's head, the ceiling etc. Yes, you're right, preserve the quality as close as to the original. Being 15 frames p/s is this a hurdle or a walk?

    \"I see\", said the blind man.

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    When I say preserve the quality, I don't necesarily mean preserve the original file format . You should be able to convert your footage to VCD at no visible loss in quality. I suggest outputting your footage as DV AVI from your editor, using TMPGenc to convert to MPEG then your burning app to make a VCD from this.

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    Ok Marc, I'll give it a go & tell you how I get on

    Thks, Liam
    \"I see\", said the blind man.

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