My first post so take it easy on me.

I purchased a canon camera (400d) earlier in the year for a holiday to jamaica and started to play around with it and have kind of reached a level im happy with (although a million miles from most of you guys)
Here is a pic for you to pic at

Now from there I decided to buy a camcorder so decided on the Canon XH A1 HD unit.

Now for the questions.

I have a standard business class HP desktop pc running Core Duo 2.0Ghz, 2gb ram, and I think grafix built onboard.

I would like to start to play with editing footage which will mainly be of the family and work.
I would like to eventually be able to do a small advert for my company on our website etc.

I only have a firewire-usb connector to get images from the camcorder too the pc which I have not used yet as only recieved today.

I have ordered roxio creator 10 software after someone told me this was good but what else would I need ?

Would I be better off buying some sort of grafix card or tool for the pc to make transfer of data faster ?

Advice really appreciated.