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Thread: Using sharestation on pc

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    Default Using sharestation on pc

    Hi i want to burn mpeg videos but i am obviously doing something wrong everytime i drag a file over i keep getting a message saying this is not a dvd folder can anyone help thanks...

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    What software are you using? I take it sharestation is some type of hardware device, correct me if I'm wrong. Drag a file over from where?

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    Hi the sharestation is a dvd burner which is used with jvc camcorders for burning directly from the harddrive of the camcorder.It can also be plugged in to the usb port and used as a burner for your pc,the software it uses is cyberlink and i have various films and documentaries i want to put on dvd,my pc does not have a dvd burner so i thought i would kill to birds with one stone and buy the jvc sharestation.The films are in my documents folder but everytime i drag them over to be burnt i keep getting a message wrong type of folder it needs to be a dvd folder, its long winded but i thought i should explain in detail thanks.


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