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    Default Ideal place for filmmakers

    We launched Openfilm, a new video sharing site, less then a month ago and it's gonna be great place for all indie filmmakers and talented individuals. Click on Openfilm - User Generated Films and try some of the features, we provide you. I'd like to bring your attention to:
    - Original high-quality content;
    - Top pages functional banners;
    - Large video player;
    - Rich flash animation

    You can also watch known videos and shows in high, premium resolution
    Hope, you'll enjoy visiting our site)
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    TopherX Guest


    You know I've looked at your site a couple of times. But there are piles of places to upload my original fiction based video series to, if I had the time to do that.

    Could you contact TubeMogul and add your site to their staging platform? They also do analytics on videos. Internet video producers that don't use TubeMogul can spent 80% of their time just checking stats and doing uploads. We don't have time for that because our focus has to be making new content.

    They are looking for sites that aren't "how-to" focused. Mention my shows when you speak to them.


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    Hey ThopherX:

    I never heard of tubemogul...Never heard of such services...I'm actually impressed because it is very convenient! Certainly worth using it. Thanks for your post!
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    its just to much work to upload to all the sites individually, and then gather all the stats...I only wish they covered all video sites.

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