to Mr peters or any one kind enuff to be reading this ....

my problem is this :( :(

1) after ive captured my DV clips using premier 6.0 from a canon GL2 (no dropped frames),the clips DO NOT playback either in the source window or when i drop em on the timeline.Eveytime i hit only advances a frame at a time.I see the "poster" frame in the bins and the first frames in the source its not all black or anything like that.
The clips play back fine in windows media player.I also IMPORTED the Adobe sample premier files in to a new project and they seemed to play back just fine.

PS-the project setting i choose is the DV(NTSC) preset,for 4:3 de'intln at 32 khz @ 29.97 framerate.

PLZ PLZ PLZ any help would be great...ive posted this problem elsewhere also.I