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Thread: Pinnacle studio ultimate version 11 ???

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    Default Pinnacle studio ultimate version 11 ???

    I will say this program is the worst I've ever tried to use. I have had it with these software companies putting out a product that doesn't work. To give you a brief history on what I've done. I purchased a new sony HRD-SR11 HD Handycam. I then purchased Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11. I didn't realise that my cpu didn't have the power to work this program to its fullest, so I went out and purchased a new tower with 8 gigs of ram 1tb hard drive with windows vista just for video editing. This tower isn't hooked up to the internet, it will only be used for video editing and making dvd's. I install pinnacle and nothing. It starts to boot up and just disapears off the screen. So I download the patch on my other cpu (v11.1.2) burn it to disc and load it on my video only cpu. Still nothing. I then download the Reg Delete patch. I uninstall Pinnacle and use the Reg Delete Patch. I go through the video cpu and make sure it is all gone. I then try to install the program again and guess what still doesn't work. I have spent more time trying to install this program then editing video. This is driving me crazy. What can I do??
    Oh when I installed it on the lessor cpu it works from time to time. Crashes and freezes, just stops working and shuts down. Sorry need to vent.

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    I have just finished installing it for the fourth time. I just stops working when disc #2 (pinnacle studio ultimate disc) is installed. It starts to boot up then the bias soundsoap pe 2.1 registration comes up. I try to do the authorization on another computer and it just stops working. Errors that come up are. This application has unexpectedly quit.
    application c:\programfiles\pinnacle\studio11\programs\studio. exe
    exception 0x000000d @ 0x167cc3bd
    number of processors :4
    memory load =33%

    Anyone have any ideas??

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    The program has always worked fine for me.
    Hate to say it, but it's not the program's fault.

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    I think others have reported a higher frequency of bugs with pinnacle than you might reasnobly expect - not that that helps you much...

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