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    In business it's position-position-position, in films its location-location-location. Shooting in a white walled room even God couln't make the scene look interesting, so don't even try. Here's a bar I went into tonight that inspires you to shoot something and whatever you shoot will look interesting

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    I was waiting for the geeezer to get eaten by a zombie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    I was waiting for the geeezer to get eaten by a zombie.
    Actually, the previous Thursday I went in there was a Sex Pistols' concert somewhere near here and 60 or 70 red-haired Sid and Nancies walked in well ahead of the concert, was absolute theatre. Was pretty p====ed of I didn't have a camera there of some sort. Then a couple of days later when I went prepared with one, the place was bare

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